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  • Kerry at Syria Ministerial Meeting in NY

    Kerry at Syria Ministerial Meeting

    "For all of the men and women who make up the moderate Syrian opposition, we will continue to stand beside you as long as ISIL remains a threat and Assad remains in power"

  • Obama's Address to the UN General Assembly

    Address to 69th U.N. General Assembly

    "America is training and equipping the Syrian opposition to be a counterweight to the terrorists of ISIL and the brutality of the Assad regime."

  • Obama on Airstrikes Against ISIL Targets in Syria

    Obama on Airstrikes Against ISIL Targets in Syria

    we will move forward with our plans to ramp up our effort to train and equip the Syrian opposition, who are the best counterweight to ISIL and the Assad regime

Secretary of State John Kerry
At Threats to Cultural Heritage in Iraq and Syria Event

    Threats to Cultural Heritage in Iraq, Syria

    "ISIL is not only beheading individuals; it is tearing at the fabric of whole civilizations. It has no respect for life. It has no respect for religion. And it has no respect for culture,"

  • United States Announces Additional Humanitarian Assistance for Syria Crisis

    New U.S. Humanitarian Aid for Syria Crisis

    "Secretary of State John Kerry announced today the United States is providing nearly $500 million in additional humanitarian aid to help those affected by the war in Syria "



Targeted Operations Against ISIL

  • Targeted Operations Against ISIL terrorists

US Embassy on Twitter

Geneva II Resources

  • Geneva Communique

No Lost Generation

  • For three years, the #childrenofSyria have experienced the trauma of war. They have had their lives upended, often losing their homes, family members, and friends. Syria and the region cannot afford to lose a generation of children to hopelessness, especially when it is children who can help drive forward a future of peace. This is why the United States government supports the No Lost Generation initiative.

Saving Syria's Cultural Heritage


  • Effective February 6, 2012, the U.S. Embassy has suspended operations and is not open for normal consular services. Neither U.S. passports nor visas to the United States will be issued in Damascus. For emergency assistance, U.S. citizens should contact the U.S. Interests Section via telephone at +962-6-5906500 or e-mail

    More information here

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